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Asociación Nacional de Huesos de Cristal. Osteogénesis imperfecta

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Donación Sant Joan de Deu

El pasado 01 de abril del 2017 la Fundación AHUCE ( realizó una donación a la FSJD para fomentar el desarrollo del proyecto RareCommons ( , proyecto de investigación del Hospital Sant Joan de Déu de Barcelona, centrado en el estudio biomédico de las enfermedades raras que afectan a niños y en el que está incluido el estudio de la osteogénesis imperfecta.

La donación, cuya cuantía asciende a 5000 euros fue entregada por D.  Gerardo Muñoz  Fernández, presidente del patronato de la Fundación AHUCE y Dña.  Ana María Bueno Sánchez, presidenta del comité científico de la Fundación AHUCE.
Dicha donación, trabaja unos de los objetivos de la Fundación AHUCE como es fomentar y promover la INVESTIGACIÓN de la osteogénesis imperfecta.

Fundación AHUCE

What is the AHUCE Foundation?

The AHUCE Foundation is a legally recognized entity that works for people with OI and their families. To achieve its objectives of improving the quality of life, social integration, access to education and the labor market for people affected by Osteogenesis Imperfecta, AHUCE Foundation collaborates permanently with the AHUCE association.

The AHUCE Foundation is governed by a board. The board is composed of members of the board of the association AHUCE ( The Board of the Foundation establishes AHUCE´s concerts, conventions and collaborative programs with companies to develop activities and obtain benefits for people with OI and their families.

AHUCE currently channels all documentation activities and international cooperation AHUCE association, in order to achieve its goal. The AHUCE Foundation seeks cooperation with domestic and foreign entities in the field of disability, rare diseases and Osteogenesis Imperfecta, to improve the quality of life of those living with OI.

Colabora con la Fundación AHUCE

Every donation counts!

Every person contributes what they may to a cause like ours! With your donation we implement research projects and dissemination of pathology, and there´s still much more that remains to be done. If you don´t already know about us, visit our website, call and ask us we will be happy to talk to you and tell you everything you want to know about osteogenesis imperfecta and our AHUCE Foundation.

If you want to make a donation, you can do as follows:

Through our account CAIXABANK, SA: Title: Foundation AHUCE

Account Number IBAN: ES52 2100 5518 7321 0013 0228


Important: To ease the tax relief, you must email us ainfo.fundació or by post to our address (C / San Ildefonso, 8-under, 28012 Madrid) the payment receipt email with your name, surname , social and NIF reason (DNI, NIF or NIE). Thank you very much for helping.

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